What is Fujitsu?
Fujitsu is a lifebook, it is good for people who need to get a lot done on their laptop or even if they do work on their laptop let’s say as if it were for your job you could keep all of you information on the computer. you could be able to manage everything on you laptop very easy.
About it.
The lifebook is known for it’s looks even though it is very small people do not think it can hold a lot of memory. But it can hold a lot of memory and it has a lot of advantages and benefits. Some say that with that one laptop you can connect to the world with knowing everything you could ever think of.
How much does it cost?
The laptop ca range from $1,00 to 2,599. Some people say that it is a lot of money for a laptop but you would have you a lot of good things about it. You would have to weigh out the pros and cons.
Pros: It has a lot of memory, works very well if you take care of it the right way, good graphics, and so on.
Cons: No camera if you liked taking picture, it has a wide screen and is short at the top, ect.

Top Five Most Used App’s For Apple!

The number one top app is facebook! What is Facebook? Facebook is a online interacting website and if you were wondering facebook is a free website for anyone to use that is above the age of 13. Facebook

The second most used app is the gorillacam. What is the gorillacam? It is what it sounds like it is for taking pictures. What does it do? The gorillacam takes pictures and there are many different settings that you can use for it such as cropping and how long you would like to delay the camera before it takes the picture. Screen shot 2011-05-17 at 12.51.58 PM

The 3rd 3d most used app that will always keep you moving is Runkeeper. What is Runkeeper? Runkeeper is a app used for when your running and it tracks how far you run and what your time is plus it also shows you how many calories you have burned but my favorite part is that it shows you how fast you are running

The 4th one I think all of the readers will really like is Stanza. What is Stanza? Stanza is a electronic book on the go! About it, Stanza has just about ever book and if you can find it, it is yours just download it for free on your Iphone, Ipod, and Ipad!Screen shot 2011-05-18 at 10.59.48 AM

The 5th and the last one is dropbox. What is Dropbox? Dropbox is a easier way to keep all of your things in place. You use it so you can just dump all of your documents and files into the Dropbox.Screen shot 2011-05-18 at 11.04.24 AM

A Keyboard For Your Iphone

The new Iphone key board.
What do you mean by a keyboard for your Iphone? I mean you know just the normal keyboards for you desk top computers? Well they have made just a little area where you can plug your Iphone into the keyboard. Why would the do that? You know just like texting on any type of touch screen phone it may be very hard not to mess up while typing. I know for me it is hard not to mess up when I am using a touch screen phone when I am texting.

No the keyboard does not need any type of battery it uses some of the phones energy but not very much of the phones battery power. It is not very large some people call it fun sized and you can carry it just about any where with you.

Why did they make the Iphone keyboard? Because just the normal touch screen didn’t meet the needs of people who do a lot of texting on the Iphone or even searching the web. Have you ever been searching on the web on anything that is touch screen and it just has a little glitch where it thought you might of clicked on something else? Well I know I have and it gets very old pretty fast.

Now people are saying that sense the new keyboard came out the Iphone is really not just a phone anymore it seems and acts like a computer more than anything else.

About it, you can not only use it for you Iphone but you can use it for your Ipod touch too! If you would want to charge your phone or your Ipod there is a wire on the keyboard that you can plug in to the wall to charge of even sync something. The keyboard will come out May 24, 2011 and it will cost $99.99.
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whats the point of youtube? Youtube is a fun website where you can look up fun a videos and even music. It also for people that want to share videos and let the world see what they posted online. It is also a “blog” that people use for just random things this is people say. It can also be used as a learning website too find out new things.

Who owns youtube? google now owns youtube (Google bough it off from a couple of men for $1.65 million). The videos that you post on youtube can never be to long or to short, but if you upload a video that is not good for some viewers you can be reported. Youtube has over 100 million clips posted on youtube, and youtube has over 70 million views in just one week. The company that made youtube is called Paypal the three owners that run it is Chad hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed karim

When was youtube made? Youtube was founded only in February 14th, 2005 by two men. It has the sixth largest audience on the internet.
who searches on youtube the most? Mostly ages from 12 to 17. Which makes up 56% of the percentage that searches on youtube.

Screen shot 2011-04-28 at 12.51.28 PM

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Light-up cereal boxes

Light up cereal boxes are becoming a big hit. The cereal boxes that do have light up boxes are making that name brand become more and more popular.

Why do they do it? Because it is a eye catching sight to see and that most kids will like it and they think it is better than putting a little plastic toy inside the box.

About it. The box has a wireless charging, to make it work they put in a small round disk that powers the whole thing. People say that the light-up cereal boxes are so much more high tech than just a cell phone. The part about the boxes that are unsafe are that when charging the boxes can contain heat. People started thinking about making this cereal box in 2008.

How much does it cost? I can’t seem to find how much they cost when you buy them in a store but if you were to order it online with shipping and handeling the price would more than likely range to $25.00. I know what you are hink WOW so much money for just a box of cereal but it takes time to make the box light up and I really think you are getting back for what you paid for. But if you were to buy it in a store the price would range to $7 to $10. Yes I know a much better price!

Where did the idea of making the light-up cereal boxes come from? Just the normal name brand cereal groups that work together all sat down together. They thought about new and bright ideas that would help them sell there products. Where were they when the brand name cereal groups think of this new idea? They were in Las Vegas.

What cereal boxes are the ones that light-up? Honey Nut Cheerio’s, Genral Mills, and Trix. When they go on the market all three of those cereals will be lined up next to each other.

People ask if they flavor of the cereal is going to change? No it’s not going to change unless they come out with a new and better flavor but there has been no talk of that yet. So all is to say is that they are staying with the same type of yummy cereal that has never changed, the only thing that has changed really is how the cereal boxes look.

What do people think of the idea of the new cereal boxes? Out of all of the people I asked what they thought about the light-up cereal boxes they said just about all the same things.
Person 1 said: I think that the cereal is not going to sell faster like the people think it will

Person 2: It sounds very cool but I do really think that the kids will get sick of it very fast and in the begging of the selling processe is going to go well but in the end it will slow down because theres not point in it.
Person 3: It will get very old pretty fast and that it is truely a waste of money and it is a waste of time and money to the people who are buying this for there kids.
And the last person I asked said that it was awesome and that she would like to get her hands on a light-up cereal box. Screen shot 2011-04-25 at 12.42.51 PM

Are different schools learning about different things?

Schools Teaching Different Things?
To answer your question yes they are I know it sounds crazy and all thinking that all ages should be learning the same thing but there not. We are all learning different things at a different time for some reason. What do people think of it? Some say they just don’t care as long as they learn it one day or another, and others say that we should all be learning the same things at the same time.

What are we learning different thing ar different times?
Some say that it is because the class rooms all work at a different passe and some work better in groups and other don’t. The schools may seem like the work on different times but not always they might just have different ways of teaching things. But still that is causing them to learn a different ways. But when kids travel and move to different schools they may have already learned, what there new school may be learning at that time or maybe even worse they could not of learned that subject yet and may be having trouble learning it to.

Ways That They Could Be Learning Different Things.
Like if some schools have a lot of computers and they might have a different way of teaching them while they are online. Such as if they were playing a school smart game, and if a school that did not have a lot of electronics could just be learning by books and like I have said before that causes a different way to teach the kids.
Why Are They Teaching Different Things?
The biggest reason is because if a kid has a learning problem. Or if a teacher wanted to start a new subject and wanted t take a longer time on teaching it to make sure they fully understand it. And it is completely different as if the kid was getting home schooled, and it depends on what they can understand and how long it takes them to understand.

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Ruining your brain?

Text Talk.

Is text talk ruining your brain or even your child’s brain? Well it may be stopping them from spelling things right with all of the short term words. But it’s not only short term words that they are using and its also smiley face’s they all can mean different things and the thing is that there are just so many of them that you just can’t keep track and everyone (teen or kids mostly)  want’s to keep learning more and more. The study’s show that the more time kids spend on the computer and on a cell phone the lower the kids grades go down in literacy but text talk has not harm done to kids in collage as it does to teenagers in high school and in middle school.

Why do people use short term text talk?

Some people say and it can be true, but they do it because they could be in a hurry and might have time ticking on there watch or maybe even in the car, (which your should not be texting and driving the car at the same time) but I think when kid’s or grown up’s use text talk it is mostly because they are to lazy to write a complete sentence or it can be that they may have fir gotten how to spell the word or even don’t know how to spell it.

Did you know?

Did you know that a 26 word sentence can change in to a 10 word long sentence? Well guess what? It is true I know how crazy it sounds I even do that kind of things to but I try my hardest to make sure I spell everything right and type the whole word instead of just half of it.

School Work.

Some people say that hen writing for a school project or even just like writing a comment on other kids blogs they still write in short term they might not realize how they might be spelling things. And when doing that the children may not go back and reread so then as always the teacher will more than likely read the things that you read, meaning for you to get a lower grade.

What do people think of short term text talk?

Some people may get annoyed by it is they are older or even younger kids do as myself. When talking to someone I want to have a real convertation instead having a “fake” one. but if I don’t have a lot of time to talk I may sometimes just use a little bit of short term text talk.

Text Talk meanings.Screen shot 2011-03-24 at 1.59.34 PM

LOL= Laugh out loud, ROFL=Rolling on the floor laughing, BFN=Bye for now, TTYL= Talk to, you later, LTNE= Long time no email, QT=Cutie, TTFN= Ta ta for now, PPL=People, PLZ= Please,ILY= I love you, LUV=Love, OMG= Oh my goodness, idk= I don’t know,LOL= Laugh out loud,ROFL=Rolling on the floor laughing, BFN=Bye for now,TTYL= Talk to you later, LTNE= Long time no email, QT=Cutie, and TTFN= Ta ta for now

Smart Phones

Smart Phones

Cell phones were invented in 1983 and sense then people had been using cell phones way more and are mostly sicking with the smart phones. Using cell phoenes have gone up by 49% sense 2007. The cell phones that have been selling the most are the smart phones such as: number one Sprint HTC EVO 4G, number two is Apple Iphone 3GS, number three is Nokia N8, number four is HTC Droid Incredible, and last but not least number five is Google Nexus One.  Over 77% of people this year so far have been using smart phones more and more each day in the past six months this year. Verizon is selling the most smart phones for right now and are up bye 31% above all of the other leaders that sell.

Why do people like smart phones?
There is no mistake smart phones are just like a computer or a PC, do the people want the smart phone? Because it is easy to check your E-mail on the go and  search the web when ever you want. The thing that is different between a normal phone and a smart phone is that on a normal phone there is only limited things that you can do on it like on a smart phone you can talk and search the web at the same time. One really nice thing about the smart phones are that you can download apps and music with just a touch of your finger tips. Do apps cost money? And how much do they cost? Some are free and some can cost money but google gives out 20 free apps and after that they all range from some sort of price like to one dollar to at lest ten dollars.

What can you get with your smart phone?

There are many things that you can get with your smart phone like music, all smart phones come with advanced applications, mobile web is also one thing that you can get anywhere on your smart phone if you have service in the area that you are in.  Some say that “The smart phone is like a little computer on the go.”

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Why people blog?

Why Do we blog?

Some people say it makes you happy, and others say it is just a good way of talking to other people too give you knew thoughts and maybe give you some answers too some questions you may have. The one thing people do like about blogging is that you can blog about anything that crosses your mind.

What you should do  when blogging.

When blogging you should not give out your full name unless you ask an adult for there ok, and you should never post a picture of you or anyone you know on your blog. So when you are blogging you should remember to think about privacy and about your safety.

Why should you blog?

Because it is fun and a lot of people like it, and when people blog you can learn new things.When blogging you just might be able to answer other peoples questions or make them wounder about new things they have never herd of before, so when blogging make sure you express your opinion Bloggg